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Post Bacc UF 2020

Bats amazing pollinators

Interdependence 3 (Bat and Pipe organ cactus)
Interdependence 2 (Bat detail)
Agave flower cluster
Bats flying
Interdependence 2
organ pipe cactus flower
Bats hanging
Bat on flowe

I specifically chose bats as the protagonist because they are great examples of interdependence and connectivity in nature. The Lasser long-nosed bat and Mexican long-tongued bat are the main pollinators of Agave plants and Columnar cacti.


Every year, these bats migrate along a “nectar corridor” from central Mexico to the United States. Destruction of the habitat is a substantial threat for them, as well as for many others marvelous animals

Agave and bat

Bats are the main pollinators of Agave Plants where the Tequila and Mezcal are their products of distillation.

The bat-plant association is so strong that the disappearance of one would threaten the survival of the other. .

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