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There were not just trees

The loss of habitat and suffering imposed on animals by fire is the center of my recent artwork. Here I show this contemporary theme by adapting the Habitat Diorama of natural history museums. By doing this, I hope to provoke empathy for the displaced animals and people and invite you to think about your role as a consumer in the destruction of the tropical forest.
at the garden juvenil .heic

Animal sculptures, stoneware, engobes, glaze fired cone 5, third reduction fire. 

Mom with baby  17x10x9 inches

juvenil monkey 14x10x9

at the garden  monkeys.heic
Monkey No2_pic_1.jpg

Capuchin monkey sculpture, stoneware, engobes, fired cone 5 and third fired at reduction atmosphere cone 1

13x9x9 inches

Monkey No2_pi_2.jpg
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