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My artwork reflects my journey of discovery and the joy I find in learning.  I want to capture the beauty of nature while aiming to provoke awareness about the mutual dependence among species and the importance of freedom of movement. In my current ceramics work, an emblematic animal is the starting point to tell a story. I select migratory animals and pay special attention to the interactions between those creatures with other living beings.
Sculptures are fabricated to evoke the animal's personality emphasizing certain characteristics to achieve an aesthetic experience. My process is an external collaboration with the clay – respecting the clay’s properties while employing ancient techniques used in the ceramics tradition of animal sculptures. Each creation demands research on the characteristics of the animal that will be the centerpiece. While I am greatly inspired by nature, my intention is not to make an exact replica of each animal. This approach allows me to focus on the characteristics of the animals with greater detail, enriching their already majestic traits with color, intricate pattern, and texture, indulging in my love of embellishment. 
I specifically chose bats and Monarch butterflies as the protagonists because they are great examples of interdependence and connectivity in nature. They are important pollinators. Every year, these animals migrate along a “nectar corridor” from central Mexico to the United States. The animal-plant association is so strong that the disappearance of one would threaten the survival of the other. At the same time, this animal interdependence is a figurative allegory of humans’ relationships. Migration is a constant in human history; in a global world, cooperation needs to be strengthened, not deterred by walls.


Artist Statement

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